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Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Concordia Turners Gymnasium

St. Louis, Missouri

There was an outstanding crowd of professional wrestling fans at Matteson Square Garden as Dynamo Pro Wrestling, Fighting for Autism, and Car Shield presented “The Spectrum Slam” on Saturday, August 24th. In addition to several great matches and a twenty-five man over the top rope challenge, four championships changed hands.

Prior to “The Spectrum Slam”, the crowd was greeted with a message from Fighting for Autism’s Brian Higginbotham. He then introduced the special guest host for “The Spectrum Slam”, Road Warrior Animal! After welcoming the fans to the event, there was a special championship belt presentation to event sponsor Car Shield.

In the opening contest, “Captain Bad Attitude” James Brady took on Kevin Ryan. These two men had quickly developed an intense rivalry over social media prior to “The Spectrum Slam”. Their matchup did not disappoint as Kevin Ryan defeated “Captain Bad Attitude” with a 450 splash.

In the first championship match-up of the night, Mike Outlaw, “The Heartthrob” Jaden, and Ezra Zealous competed to become the first Fighting for Autism Intercontinental champion. In the closing moments of the match, Zealous was preparing to win the match, hitting “The Heartthrob” with an innovative forward-roll DDT. Mike Outlaw quickly capitalized on the situation, hitting his trademark “High Noon” elbow drop from the top rope on Zealous as he covered Jaden. Outlaw covered “The Heartthrob” Jaden for the victory and the championship.

In the next match, four women entered the ring with the goal of becoming the first Fighting for Autism women’s champion. The rivalry between Dynamo Pro Wrestling women’s champion “The Empress of Evil” Rahne Victoria, Savanna Stone, and Seishin has been building since their days of training at the Dynamo Pro Dojo. The “wild card” in the match-up was Invicta FC veteran Tamekka Brents. Brents threw a variety of strikes and offensive manuevers that at times confused all three of her opponents. When the match was over, Savanna Stone walked out the first Fighting for Autism women’s champion, power-bombing Seishin onto both Victoria and Brents for the victory.

In a “No Holds Barred” match, “Dirty” Ron McDonald and “Beach Body” Ryan Ash continued their storied rivalry. In a fight that went all over Matteson Square Garden, Ryan Ash took advantage of his surroundings and pinned “Dirty” Ron, using the rope for extra leverage.

The match-up for the Fighting for Autism United States championship was the match that many professional wrestling fans were looking forward to at “The Spectrum Slam”. The champion, “Lights Out” Adrian Surge, was on a huge wave of momentum heading into this high-profile match up. “The Artist Formally Known as Lockie” let everyone and anyone that would listen know that he was planning to take the United States championship back to his home country of Australia. As Surge was looking for his signature “Lights Out” spinebuster, Jimmi LaFleur made his way to ringside. While the referee was demanding that LaFleur return to the locker room, his tag team partner Tony Asteem snuck in and clobbered Surge with his championship belts. Three seconds later, Lockie covered Surge to become the new Fighting for Autism United States champion.

In the highly-anticipated twenty-five man “Over the Top Rope” challenge, “2.0” Da’Marius Jones outlasted the other competitors to win the coveted contract for a match for any Fighting for Autism championship.

Many fans were looking forward to seeing Marcus “Buff” Bagwell compete at “The Spectrum Slam”. His opponent, Marc “Oh My” Godeker, wanted to prove that he was the superior athlete in this match-up. When the final bell rang, Marc Godeker was the one with his hand raised in victory.

The Dynamo Pro Wrestling tag team champions “The Arch City Mercenaries” and “The Wind of Destruction” Makaze made their way to the ring for their main-event match-up. These three men has said in an interview prior to the event that they would “melt” Glacier and Generation Iron in this match-up. Generation Iron, consisting of Titan and the Fighting for Autism world champion Brent Banner, and their partner Glacier showed a great deal of team unity prior to the match. It was very easy to tell who the fans were behind in this match. Generation Iron and Glacier showed their outstanding in-ring abilities, winning the match by pinning “The Wind of Destruction”. As Generation Iron honored Glacier as the newest Fighting for Autism ambassador, “2.0” Da’Marius Jones wasted no time, cashing in his Fighting for Autism championship opportunity against Brent Banner. Less than two minutes later, Jones stunned everyone by winning the Fighting for Autism world championship.

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