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From The Offices Of Richard P. Dickson, ESQ

Our offices received this today, which we though we would share with you:




My name is Richard P. Dickson, Esq. Recently, I was retained by the lauded professional wrestler, and revered public figure, “The Snitch” (a.k.a. “Snitch McSnitcherton”), to represent him in all matters as they pertain to Dynamo Pro Wrestling, and more specifically, the infamous “Dynamo Screwjob”.

As an attorney that specializes in counseling professional wrestlers, I have represented elite-level clients in every aspect of their interactions with wrestling promotions on a global level. I have successfully litigated landmark cases in every significant international jurisdiction.

In my nearly fifteen years of experience in the world of professional wrestling, I have seen it all. Or, at least, I thought so. As it turns out, even I can still be shocked and appalled. The treatment of The Snitch – a wrestler of incomparable skill, charisma and athletic ability – at the hands of Dynamo Pro Wrestling and its management is beyond deplorable. Never have I seen a wrestling federation behave with such open and contemptuous disdain towards its undisputed top star.

In the 682 days – and counting – since The Snitch heroically outlasted fifteen other world-class professional wrestlers to earn a match for the Dynamo Pro Heavyweight Championship, he has faced nothing but transparent vitriol by Dynamo Pro Wrestling’s executives. The Snitch has been consistently forced to overcome nigh unconquerable obstacles and face ludicrous surprise challenges. Despite farcical odds being continuously stacked against him, The Snitch has prevailed time and time again. Even so, Dynamo Pro Wrestling refuses to give The Snitch his obligatory title match. At this point, the situation is no longer tolerable for my client; and, drastic measures must be taken to rectify this untenable situation.

Therefore, effective September 10th, 2019, “The Snitch” hereby withdraws from any and all Dynamo Pro Wrestling events. This includes the upcoming Riot on the River event scheduled for Friday, September 13th, 2019. Therefore, The Snitch will not defend his Riot on the River championship. However, he will also not relinquish his title – thus, The Snitch will remain as the longest-reigning Riot on the River champion in history.

The Snitch’s absence will continue until a suitable resolution is reached and the ridiculous “Dynamo Screwjob” is ended. To be perfectly clear, the only “suitable resolution” is a guaranteed match – with acceptable rules and stipulations – for the Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship. Until such occurs, The Snitch is not an active competitor for Dynamo Pro Wrestling.

Please address all future correspondences regarding this matter directly to me. I remain available and willing to work towards a reasonable settlement of this unfortunate predicament.


/s/ Richard P. Dickson

Richard P. Dickson, Esq.

Representative for “The Snitch”

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