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Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Concordia Turners Gymnasium

St. Louis, Missouri

On Saturday, August 31st, Dynamo Pro Wrestling’s “August Heatwave” took place at the Concordia Turners Gymnasium.

In the first match of the evening, "The Heartthrob" Jaden faced Camaro Jackson. The fans were on the edge of their seats as Camaro Jackson brought his innovative offensive arsenal to the ring to combat “The Heartthrob”. After eleven minutes of back and forth action, “The Heartthrob” defeated Camaro Jackson with a jumping side kick.

The next match-up was an intergender match-up as Savanna Stone faced "Captain Bad Attitude" James Brady. James tried to intimidate Stone early in the contest. Savanna was unfazed by the tactics of “Captain Bad Attitude” and defeated him with the Stone Bottom in just under eleven minutes.

In the next match, Geoffery Hyde took on one-half of the Dynamo Pro Wresting tag team champions Jimmi LaFleur. These two men are no strangers to one another, having competed against one another in tag team action. Jimmi LaFleur, fresh off of his suspension due to “unprofessional conduct”, wanted to show that he is the best in Dynamo Pro Wrestling. In a brutal war, LaFleur won this contest by disqualification when Hyde shoved the referee and beat him down with a steel chair. LaFleur may have been battered and bruised, but he was still victorious at “August Heatwave”.

Dynamo Pro Wrestling original Outtkast was looking for redemption as he took on Khalil Akbar in the next contest. Akbar, a relatively new face in Dynamo Pro Wrestling, wanted to prove that he is the “new force” by defeating Outtkast for a second consecutive time. Outtkast used his vast experience edge to guarantee that he would not lose two matches in a row, defeating Akbar with his patented “Case Study”.

The final match of the first half was for the Dynamo Pro Wrestling women’s championship. The champion, “The Empress of Evil” Rahne Victoria, has taken on all challengers since becoming the first Dynamo Pro Wrestling women’s champion nearly 400 days ago. Camron Bra’Nae was riding a wave of momentum going into this championship match. Plus, if competing across the United States was not enough, Bra’Nae was victorious with Victoria in tag team action in her last Dynamo Pro appearance. In a gripping back and forth match-up, “The Empress of Evil” used a short-arm roundhouse kick to keep one step ahead of Bra’Nae and retain her championship.

The second half of “August Heatwave” began with a great contest between "Beach Body" Ryan Ash and Ezra Zealous. Ash recently made his return to Dynamo Pro Wrestling and wanted to show why he has been a dominant force inside the professional wrestling ring for nearly two decades. Ezra Zealous was looking to showcase his skills with a win over the “Beach Body”. In the end, experience defeated youth as “Beach Body” Ryan Ash won this contest with the Van Halenator. Post-match, the fans showed respect to the hard work of Ezra Zealous standing toe to toe with Ash in this match.

The Dynamo Pro Wrestling D-1 championship was defended at “August Heatwave” as the first “triple crown” champion in Dynamo Pro history, “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz, defended his championship against C.J. Shine. Before the match began, Cruz commended Shine on his recent efforts in Dynamo Pro Wrestling…only to slap him in the face. Despite a great game plan from C.J. Shine, “The King of Chaos” used a reverse Indian death lock to submit Shine and retain the D-1 championship.

In the final match before the main event, Moses Powell and Rahim de la Suede made their Dynamo Pro Wrestling debut against one of the top teams in the Dynamo Pro Wrestling tag team division, the Agents of Chaos. The youthful energy of Powell and Suede worked well in the early portion of the match. However, at the match wore on, the experience of the Agents proved too much to handle as they were victorious against the newcomers.

Finally, it was “main event” time. The Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship was on the line as former multi-time Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight and D-1 champion Mike Outlaw challenged "Lights Out" Adrian Surge for the top championship in Dynamo Pro. Mike Outlaw was outspoken prior to the match-up, planning to become a three-time Dynamo Pro heavyweight champion. Surge has defended the championship against a wide variety of challengers since regaining it in April. After nearly fifteen minutes of hard-fought action, Mike Outlaw had things well in hand...or so he thought. Outlaw hooked “Lights Out” in a small package. At the last second, Surge counter the move, defeated Outlaw, and retained the Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship. Outlaw was visibly upset after the match, but he respected the effort of the champion. Outlaw and Surge embraced after the match in a show of respect. Out of nowhere, Outlaw took the championship belt and laid out Adrian Surge in the middle of the ring. The crowd was stunned by Outlaw’s post-match actions as the event ended with Surge receiving medical attention in the ring.

All eyes now turn to the 2019 RIOT on the River tournament. The tournament will take place on Friday, September 13th at The Loading Dock Bar and Grill in Grafton, Illinois. Who will earn one of the coveted eight spots in this year’s tournament? After seeing the successes of past winners “Lights Out” Adrian Surge and The Snitch, who will the competitor to take his skills to the next level by winning this year’s RIOT on the River tournament? For updated RIOT on the River tournament, make sure to check out our website as well as Dynamo Pro Wrestling on their official Facebook and Twitter feed.

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